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Design flexibility and proven technology

The walling systems from Able can all be interchanged as your design needs change. It is the only completely interchangeable walling system on the market, giving architects, designers and end users complete design freedom.


Reusable, removable and recyclable

By Green Screen-Recycling our materials and components we have successfully kept them out of the landfill. By collecting, segregating, processing and re-manufacturing the collected goods, we are able to create new re-usable products.


Simple components and low maintenance costs

Able's screens are joined together by a simple panel to panel clipping system.  You can swap out a panel from one system and replace it with another.  Easily installed and moved, fully reusable and price competitive with traditional drywall.

Compliant with ISO9001 2008 practices   
Fully SAGGA accredited

We are a level 4 BBBEE rated
company and in the process of
implementing a 51% BBBEE

Interior walling systems designed for all types of project

Make the most of your space

Able provides screening, division, partitioning or walling systems to suit any imaginable design requirement, including a range of vertically complimentary products. Together with our interior movable walling systems, we manufacture and install acoustic baffles, desk and floor based screens. We are also in the process of developing a number of additional products in our factory in Steeldale.

Commercial, industrial and retail environments use Able's movable walling systems to respond to business driven changes in a quick, easy and cost-effective manner - with minimal disruption and no damage to building infrastructure.

Able's Movable Walling Systems are without doubt the leading, flexible and reusable walling solution on the market. Our systems are installed faster and more cost effectively than any other existing construction method on the market today.

We enable designers, architects and end-users to create stylish, functional and elegant interior spaces. Together with unrivalled flexibility and ease of use, we can meet specific building requirements whilst saving on maintenance costs.

Able's comprehensive range of movable walling systems creates possibilities, never before seen in the interior space, with movable and reusable walling systems.

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